Week in review: Be intentional!

By David Crandall

Considering doing some video posts. Perhaps something like this? 😉 (LOVE this song, btw)

This was my first week to be talked about on another blog! Woohoo! You should check out the article; I’m one of 10 bloggers that Ross Hudgens interviewed for a magnificent piece: 10 Bloggers Talk About Personal Development

Here’s this week’s recap of the posts that appeared on this site:

MondayOvercoming the learning curve to create art

You can either learn the hard way (first hand) or you can learn from someone else learning the hard way. I prefer the second method as it’s quicker and less painful. I talk about how I am approaching the learning curve of online business and using blogging as a platform for it.

  • Call to action: Look around and see who you can learn from. Then approach your business as art.

Tuesday Eight strategies for producing ideas daily

While I only loosely referred to it, this was actually the first in a two part answer to a question I received via email. I list out methods that I personally use in order to come up with topics to create content about on a daily basis. Good responses in the comments as always.

  • Call to action: Be intentional about setting aside time to think and then capturing your thoughts.

Wednesday – How I “show up” when I’d rather not

Sometimes you write something without realizing how much it is going to impact people. This was totally one of those posts. It’s one of the first time that a picture I chose seemed to make such a strong impact on the article too. If my desire is to inspire others to action (and it is), based on the responses I got in the comments and via email, this post worked its magic on a number of people. So encouraging and humbling at the same time. Love it!

  • Call to action: Seek out a motivation that is bigger than yourself.

ThursdayHow to get people to hand their money over to you

Once again, if I can talk about money, people will come. 🙂 This blog brought in the second highest numbers I have seen since starting (second only to this post: How I quadrupled my salary). The whole post talks about the one thing that people buy. Yes, there is only one and if you can create it and sell it to people, they will hand over large chunks of money to you. Believe me, it works!

  • Call to action: Be intentional about selling this one thing, regardless of your market, niche, product, or service!

FridayAre you waiting to get fired?

I share the story of how much I hated a previous job and how much of a victim I felt at it. Then I tell you that it was all my fault. The same is true of anyone else who is in the victim role but has options. While most people don’t want to hear that their situation is the result of their inaction, the response to this was super encouraging!

  • Call to action: Be intentional about your life!

You should read any articles that you missed. Reread the one on Wednesday if you caught them all; I’d love to be surrounded by motivated people!

You are an amazing work of art! Now go be heroic.

– David