Butterfly effect

By David Crandall

You never know what one tiny action will do

I’m sure you know what the butterfly effect is but to remind everyone, it basically states that even the tiniest of actions can have a monumental result.ย That tiny thing might be answering someone’s question on Twitter, clicking through on a random link to someone’s post, or reaching out to someone who took the time to comment on your site. That monumental result could be a relationship that impacts your life. For me, a number of the people I’ve listed have significantly affected how I live my online life (which, of course, affects my offline life).

All but two people I listed on my 27 People list are connections that I made online. You’ll see in my 61 Goals post that I want to meet them all face to face (technically I already knew those two “in real life” so I had a head start on that list).

Today I’m going to be able to Mark off one of those goals as completed.

Mark Lawrence

Mr. Lifestyle Ignition (i.e. Mark Lawrence) is flying to Texas today! And (to the bewilderment of some of my family members) he’ll be staying at Casa de Crandall for a few nights as we tear up the Big D (i.e. Dallas). He’ll get to spend time with my wife and daughters and share life with me for a few days.

For anyone who says real connections can’t be made online, stick THAT in your hat!

We’ve talked about doing a number of random things. I think we’ll end up doing a Ustream event one night and let people see us in action…because we ARE action heroes! Expect to see us blow up Twitter trying to get everyone to come watch us explain what our fascination with #Tab is and talk about all the bloggers we watch in the wide world of the Blog-o-Sphere!

Basically we intend to just have fun.

All of this because of someone leaving a comment on a blog.

You. Yes, YOU!

I’ve continually put myself out there as someone who loves making connections (I think this post just confirms that). So it constantly surprises me when I discover people who have been reading my site forever but have yet to leave even ONE comment.

Change that today! Leave a comment and become part of a living, breathing community of online people. Yes, it really is as magical as all of that sounds. It’s even more magical than this: click here.

You never know how that butterfly sized action might change your life.

PS – To see Mark’s version of this announcement click here.

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  • Tell the kids and wife to run and hide! Mark Lawrence that dude from the internet is coming to town!

    Get ready to ignite your lifestyle! Dallas watch out. Heroes and Lifestyle Igniters unite! Dallas won’t know what hit it!

  • Incidentally, I will be meeting up with someone I got connected with through you (Ross Hudgens) in about 10 days at a conference in Seattle. Pretty cool stuff. Maybe, we’ll do a video podcast for your blog as a thank you for connecting us… who knows.

  • I used to think only the iPad was magical…after seeing that picture, I stand corrected.

    Jealous that you get to meet Mark before I do [and I live in the midwest!]

    • The iPad is apparently magical, yes. But the iPad can never do the things that a unicorn can do:

      – Vomit rainbows and glitter
      – Grant wishes
      – Leave you awestruck at its fabled glory as it prances through the woods

      So for those reasons, the unicorn is always the better choice.

      OH! And unicorns support Flash too.

  • Look forward to reading about your adventures together. I’m soon going to be writing a post about the rising starts to keep an eye on and David, you and Mark are going to be at the top of that list. I think you’re up to some great stuff here at Heroic Destiny.

    • Srini, that is such a humbling compliment! Thank you so much for how you choose to impact people (me) and the online legacy you are building. I love that you are so focused on building relationships and helping those around you succeed!!!

      Also, WE are looking forward to seeing what adventures we can have in the next 2 days too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The adventures continue! With the sun beating us down
      with its 106 degree rays, it seemed like a good idea to
      jump into a warm pot of algae that they apparently call
      a lake down here in Texas.

      Honored to be on your list Srini. It’s been great connecting
      with you too man. Looking forward to hearing that BlogCastFM
      interview with Cody Mckibben. Keep crushing it Srini!
      (Both those waves and the internet space)!

  • Josh Buisch

    You’re crazy man! I love it! Thanks for being a rockstar!

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  • Dude what was that last link? LOL

    Hey David,

    Gotta say that is super cool to see you cross another one of your goals. It’s crazy when you write a goal list, shit starts happening. It’s really cool.

    Joel Runyon, that is too funny. I actually saw the news that day it came out. That’s why I love America so much.

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