Customer Love: Now in paperback!

By David Crandall
Yes, a unicorn...what DID you expect?

Make sure to check out the image on pg 39! (source: ~Brenda-Starr~)

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I’ve got some deliciousness for you today! (Don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you one hot cent…and it’s not REALLY in paperback, more like digital-back.)

As many of you may have noticed, this blog’s posting frequency took a dip last month as I co-led the Customer Love challenge on LaVonne Ellis’s site (Complete Flake). From the beginning, our goal was to assemble the complete set of works along with a few guest posts and put them into a single product.

Guess what I’m debuting today. 😉

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In case you are wondering if this final product is just a Word document that I exported to PDF, rest assured it is not! Today I reveal a whole different side than my normal unicorn loving Business Intelligence persona and give you graphic design David. (Believe it or not, but he brought me income way before Corporate David did!)

Each page of the 66 pages of this ebook are lovingly crafted in magazine style with full sized images on each one. I might sound like I’m bragging, but I look at the final product and can’t tell you just how proud I am of it.

And not just the visuals either. The content of this ebook is awesome and came from the hearts of a number of awesome people. Not only is it the posts that you may have seen during the Customer Love challenge, but there are a number of Missing Pages (i.e. guest posts specifically for the ebook).

I know! So exciting!

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