What I’m reading: June 13, 2010

By David Crandall
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I'll be here for a few days this week. (source: jacreative)

This was a super busy week for me which, unfortunately, means that I didn’t get as much reading done as normal. I took some steps today to focus my reading a bit more now since I am defining what type of stuff I’m putting out. One of those steps was eliminating over 1400 subscriptions in my Google Reader. There’s still over 300 but they are ones that I actually read more often. I also categorized those remaining 300 based on some personal ranking. That means that you may see repeat blogs here occasionally.

Hopefully I will still continue to encounter fresh stuff. Thank goodness for Twitter on that one!

So here are a few posts that you really should check out!



10 Bloggers Talk About Personal Development

I’m not just recommending this post because I’m in it; I’m only 1/10 of it so trust me on this. 🙂 Rather, this post is fantastic because there is just so much really good stuff in it. I’m really impressed with Ross for the questions he asked and have found a bunch of new bloggers that I added to my Google Reader…none of which were part of the 1400 that were cut today.


What Does Your Marketplace Look Like?

This was a really good post that puts a different spin on the whole target-market/niche/tribe/over-used-phrase idea. While she doesn’t knock any of those phrases (I do…but will continue to do them), she offers a phrase that I think really brings the focus back to where it SHOULD be. I’m not going to tell you what it is…you’ll have to read. (Though, you will see me start to use it here!)


How Writing a Story Can Strangle Your Business

I’ve followed Erica for a long time and love what she has to say. She’s smart and her posts are well thought out. This post is really good and is actually an interesting counterpart to my previous recommendation. If you are selling anything (including yourself with a resume), then you would do well to read this!

And that’s it for today. I have a lot of stuff to catch up on so hopefully next week will be a bit more robust. Also, I will be in Charlotte, NC for a few days this week on business, so my evenings should provide for some more reading/working time as I won’t be around the fam. 🙁

Hope you all have a great weekend! See you tomorrow morning. 🙂

  • Hey, David —

    Thanks for featuring my post, “What Does Your Marketplace Look Like?”, in your reading list for this week! So cool to be featured among the likes of Ross Hudgens and Erica Douglass. Really love Erica’s work and just discovered Ross through someone’s Tweet of the great article which you’re included in.

    Wanted to thank you for giving props to the “phrase” I use to replace “target market/tribe/et al,” but also wanted to point out that it’s not MY freshly coined phrase. As I said in the article, I first came across the phrase via the awesome Havi Brooks at The Fluent Self. Not sure if it’s an original Havi or if she saw it elsewhere, but it sure works for me and I’m glad it works for you, too.

    Really enjoying your site, David!

    — Abby

    • I guess I need to read more Havi then. I started following her on Twitter, but need to make a concerted effort to explore her part of the internet world.

      I really like what you’re doing on your site and am excited to connect more and see where you are going! Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Thanks for the mention again, David. Always appreciated. You (and everyone else) did most of the work though. 🙂

    Abby, thanks for the kind words as well. Looking forward to connecting further and checking out your work soon!

    • Heck ya, dude! You are great at connecting with people and I’m loving that I am someone you contacted for that article. Such an esteem booster! 🙂

      Plus, I’m so blown away by the other responses I’ve seen there. Love that so many people are working to help others out; such a great thought that all of that is happening.

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